Matina Megla is a wedding dress designer who also creates, limited edition -ready-to-wear clothes. Fashion was  Matina’s passion from an early age, since at the age of 5 her grandmother, one of the most famous seamstresses of Serres, bought her as a gift her very first, red sewing machine and taught her how to design and sew clothes from scratch. This action “watered” her love for fabrics and creation, which grew through a series of relevant studies in Greece and England. In 2011, she won the first Audience Award for “Best New Designer” in a competition organized by the English online magazine Lookk, and in February 2012 she was invited for the first time to present her personal collection at Nolcha Fashion Week in New York. In 2014 she opened the Megla.M atelier in Kolonaki. Using traditional techniques along with modern methods, she aims at the modernization of the wedding dress, inspired from tradition and “the old” as well as from aesthetics and modern fashion.

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Matina Megla is a set and costume designer. She studied scenography and costume design at the Theater Department of the School of Fine Arts of AUTh. Wanting to specialize properly and thoroughly in the field of clothing, she continued her studies in England. She completed a Master’s degree in Fashion Design at UCA and another Master’s degree in Costume Design for Performance at UAL London College of Fashion. Matina also attended and completed a series of courses at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art, all about special constructions, metamorphoses of clothing, and the role of costume in various art forms.

To date, she has worked as a costume designer and set designer in theatrical productions in Greece (Athens Festival, Philippi Festival, DIPETHE Serres, DIPETHE Kavala, National Theater, Piraeus Municipal Theater.) as well as London (RADA, LAMDA exhibitions, etc.) She has also worked as a costume designer on the women’s costume part of Skai television. She also participated in the ROOMS 2014 art exhibition of Kappatos Gallery, curated by Dio Kangelari. In 2015 she presented at the Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation her first complete artistic performance entitled WINDOW and in 2019 the second performance based on the myth of Electra, entitled Three Hidden Letters, at the RABBITHOLE theater.

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