Stamatia Megla

An awarded Fashion Designer From Greece

What if… Everything that you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for.”

The core philosophy of meglam is the essence of marriage. Marriage as a tradition and a symbol of freedom through mutual love, without stereotypes and away from any form of oppression either social or aesthetic. The wedding dress is treated as a mutual wish of sharing, that validates the process of the wedding, a wedding based on the couple’s personal needs, without social conventions. A wedding that is real and as you want it.

Although the wedding is essentially refers to a celebration of love that, is inspired by customs, it also takes the form of a performance and the wedding dress is presented as a theatrical costume through the garment of life. Therefore, as a brand we “dress up” the wish of your mutual path.

Through an exclusive brand that invests in handmade clothing, in private rehearsal and the artistic development of clothing “on” the body. Using traditional techniques combined with modern methods, it aims to modernize bridal wear by drawing knowledge from tradition and “the old” to the aesthetics of modern fashion.

We’re providing affordable luxury and respect for the essence of the institution of marriage with a special emphasis on the aesthetics and the comfort. Particularly we are opening horizons to any form of marriage as long as there is positive attitude and love.

The atelier also undertakes the design of evening dresses, usually intended for a wedding (dress of bridesmaids, mother, maid of honor, etc.) wanting to promote a single aesthetic for the specific day.

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