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Wedding Dresses

Of course you can! As long as you send us your measurements, we can deliver it to you within 4-6 months after direct consultation with you. However, we generally recommend to arrange a face-to-face appointment so you can visit the atelier, see the fabrics up close. Our specialist can take the right measurement for you and of course have a custom made wedding dress designed perfectly on your own body.

It depends on the chosen wedding dress or outfit.


Choose from collection.

The customer can choose one of the new but already-made designs. We’ll re-create the original design based on your body without making further changes on the original design.

Rehearsals 1-2



Choose from all the designs but adapt to the needs.

The customer can choose one of the samples/designs of the collections as a basis and we can change/adjust the pattern, design, fabric to make a new garment specialized for you.

Rehearsals 2-3



Special exclusive design/ Custom made design

Wedding dress design from scratch and step by step based on the client’s body and preferences, individual fabrics, designs, patterns always following the style of the atelier.

Rehearsals 4 +

Depending on your availability, we try to adjust the necessary rehearsals respecting the timetables, possible distances and your schedule.

 Unfortunately, no. The atelier is not a sewing workshop and we cannot copy the design of another designer. Of course your suggestion can act as an inspiration to create something entirely new by us.

The atelier operates through specific appointments with each client.


For any further question you may have,  you can contact us through our phoneline every day from 10:00 to 21:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 and of course through the contact form on our website, Instagram and Facebook

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